Some scary frights, nuggets and treasures encountered at this event:


Through a Glass Darkly


Raewyn Connell’s piece for The Conversation (check the links also, especially this one).


Communiqué from an Absent Future


Brisbane Free University





Presented by Tara Brabazon

Professor of Education and Head of School of Teacher Education, Charles Sturt University

2pm-4pm, Thursday 19 November –  RSVP at

Seminar Room (S226), Department of Media and Communications

John Woolley Building (A20), level 2, University of Sydney (entry off Manning Road; map)

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The systemic pathologies of university ‘managerialism’.

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The Footbook of Zombie Walking.

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Challenging the Privatised University.

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National Alliance for Public Universities.

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In the post-shock society, where alternative politics is relegated to the ghetto and official public life is concentrated on the affirmative rituals of representatives of power, the only way to break the situation of passivity and silence is – somehow – to practise this hysterical and obscene speech. There are no other tools to use. This is why actionism became the main artistic movement in Russia and always had a strong political spirit. All the actions that were produced during this period depended on public scandal to distort the surface of a fake ‘stability’.


Maria Chehonadskih: “What Is Pussy Riot’s ‘Idea’?