Too many zombies is just getting started.

Posted: September 15, 2010 in Brains, discussion, Media
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The zombie trope’s doubling of content and contagion is one of the reasons I’m so interested in them. Everything is better with zombies in it. Case in point is Pride and Prejudice, I’d read it before but I’d never really been interested in thinking about the gender or class relations at the core of the story until there were ‘unmentionables’ in it. The zombie infects, it contaminates biologically but also contextually as content. Just look at the proliferation of zombie movies, zombie merchandise and especially zombie games. The apple app store is brimming with zombie related games, and even the successful triple A console titles like Red Dead redemption, get to have their zombie fills.

It’s like the linguistic game you can play where you add “…in your pants” to movie titles:

The Lord of the Rings… in your Pants!
I Am Legend… in your Pants!
Up… in your pants!
The Village… in your pants!
Spaceballs… in your pants!
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind… in your Pants!
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in your Pants!
Meet Joe Black… IN YO PANTS.

(thanks Cara)

So what is it about the undead that means everything gets better with zombies?

… even Julia Roberts


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