Zombie RoundUp

Posted: February 16, 2011 in Academy, discussion, Links, Media, News, T-shirt

A few zombie highlights this week, first is the article ‘Dead Man Walking: What Do Zombies Mean?’ by Mark Dery at True/Slant. I don’t know how I missed this article last year, but it is worth a read, if only for the description of  the zombies as “a polyvalent revenant, a bloating signifier”. I want that on a t-shirt.

Next up is a how to identify your “mutant zombie democracy” comic over at Crickey, personally I like the Theocracy, he seems like a nice guy.

Finally, and not to be missed, is the Whirlpool forum discussion page of Whelan and Gora’s article, Invasion of aca-zombies. Some really interesting comments and well thought out discussion points that oddly seems to devolve into a debate about law degrees.



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