worker-schoolkids and bureaucrat-students

Posted: November 30, 2011 in Academy, audio, Brains

The university, where whatever it is, we cannot officially say it. Where we find

about half the current academic workforce planning to abandon universities in the next five years and many of our “best and brightest” younger academics giving up on wanting to work in universities altogether.

Where nearly all ‘output’, eventually, is eaten alive yes? Where we count so much that even cool heads approximate occasionally to the steady state algor mortis we recognise at Zombivory Towers. Where there are vandals at the gate:


We’re moving toward control societies that no longer operate by confining people but through continuous control and instant communication. Bur­roughs was the first to address this. People are of course constantly talking about prisons, schools, hospitals: the institutions are breaking down. But they’re breaking down because they’re fighting a losing battle. New kinds of punishment, education, health care are being stealth­ily introduced. Open hospitals and teams providing home care have been around for some time. One can envisage education becoming less and less a closed site differentiated from the workspace as anoth­er closed site, but both disappearing and giving way to frightful con­tinual training, to continual monitoring of worker-schoolkids or bureaucrat-students. They try to present this as a reform of the school system, but it’s really its dismantling. In a control-based system noth­ing’s left alone for long.

You’re going to need one of these.


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