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The colleagues in management absolve themselves of any responsibility for securing the required funding (by, for example, arguing the case for public funding of research, say). Instead, they delegate blame, in advance as it were, to the academic community. This is a delegation of blame for some simple reasons: first, grant application successes are now extremely low, given the huge numbers of individuals chasing small pots of funding; second, the securing of grants is now, explicitly, taken as a measure of performance; and third, it follows from the first two observations that colleagues are being set up for failure in performance. That is to say: we have an accounting structure here, whose purpose is to jeopardize the secure conditions of work of academic colleagues.

This is what passes for ‘management’ – even for ‘best practice’ in management – in our time. It explicitly rewards those with money, pays little heed to what the money is actually for, but ensures that everyone is intrinsically penalized even before they begin their work as researchers. The point is to consolidate managerial power, to ensure ‘crony academicism’, and to tie success firmly to money-as-such. There can be no doubt that some will play the game and succeed. We can call this the monetization of compliance.

Docherty, T., 2016. Complicity: Criticism Between Collaboration and Commitment, p. 44.

Emphasis in original.

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