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*The Transformation of Higher Education: Acceleration, Platformisation and
*Friday, 03 April 2020, 11am-5pm in London, UK*
Register online here:

There is widespread agreement that universities are undergoing a profound
transformation but much less agreement on what these changes mean and how
we should characterise them. The Digital University Network has stressed
the role of new technologies in transforming practice within the
university. The Accelerated Academy has presented the tempo and rhythm of
academic life as an analytical lens through which we can productively
examine these changes. The Platform University network has explored the
cultural political economy and organisational sociology of the digital
platforms which are increasingly ubiquitous within higher education. In
this symposium we bring together leading figures from the latter two
networks in order to explore their intersections with our own work, as well
as how they relate to each other.

*Speakers and topics:*

*Assetization and the future of value in the digitalized higher education
Janja Komljenovic, Lancaster University

*Regimes of Sight and Optical Illusions in the Platform University*Susan
Robertson, University of Cambridge

*In Praise of Speed*Filip Vostal, Institute of Philosophy of the Czech
Academy of Sciences

Accelerated Academy at Michigan State University (Nov 22-23)

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We are pleased to announce the full program of Accelerated Academy 7:
Prospecting: Extraction, Speculation, and Liberation in the Accelerated
Academy at Michigan State University November 22-23.

The Symposium will utilize the concept of “prospecting” to think through
the different economic interests, technical assemblages, and affective
regimes that shape academic life, labor, and outcomes today.

The two-day symposium will feature panels, workshops, and artistic projects
from more than 20 scholars. dr. sava saheli singh will deliver the keynote,
“Love in the Time of Surveillance Capitalism: How Algorithms Are Reshaping
Our Intimate Online Spaces.”

****Registration is required via Eventbrite

Remote participation is possible via Zoom.


Day 1 // Friday, Nov. 22

9 am

Welcome remarks, land acknowledgment


Panel 1 // Platforms. Data. Speed. Now.

Riyad A Shahjahan  – Geopolitics of being and datafication of higher
education: Towards embracing un/certainty

Mark Carrigan – Can platformised scholarship be collective? [R]

Matthew Applegate – Digital Tools as Critical Theory: Edu-Factory to
Digital Humanities

Justin Clark – Seeking Faster Minds in the American University [R]

11am // Break


WORKSHOP // Filip Vostal: Technologies of Time

12:00 Noon // Lunch (catered)


Panel 2 // Questioning Institutions, Questioning Identity

Matt Rosen – Three Questions about Education [R]

Jessica Butler – Gilding the ivory: Ideal masculinity, academic
identity, self-promotion, and experiences of belonging/impostorhood from
the ‘golden age’ to neoliberalised English higher education [R]

Steven Weiland  – Time and Texts: Questions of Reading in the
Accelerated Academy

3pm // Break


Panel 3 // “On” and “Off” Campus: Community and the University

Rubén Martinez – Labor Concerns on the Modern Dairy Farm

Sarah Schönbauer – From bench to stage – How life scientists’
participation in leisure groups creates caring relationships

Ian Butcher – Expropriated Campuses and Community-Directed Higher Ed [R]

Dafne Calvo – Collective, Collaborative and Free: Lessons from Studying
the Commons

5pm // Break

5:15pm // Keynote address by dr. sava saheli singh:  “Love in the Time of
Surveillance Capitalism: How Algorithms Are Reshaping Our Intimate Online

6:15 // Musical Performance: The Two-Body Problem, followed by Dinner and
Drinks at Beggar’s Banquet

ALL DAY: artwork by Anicca Cox

Day 2 // Saturday, Nov. 23


WORKSHOP – Sarah Ng and Noopur Raval: Global South’s Knowledge Production
and Delinking from Inequality


Panel 4 // Staying with the Trouble by Cultivating Your Path to
Intellectual Leadership

A conversation with: Dean Chris Long, Associate Deans Sonja Fritzsche,
Bill Hart-Davidson, and Cara Cilano

12:45pm // Lunch

2 pm

WORKSHOP // Ellie Louson and Kathleen Fitzpatrick: The Future is Generous

3 pm

WORKSHOP // Kimine Mayuzumi: Reclaiming Our Body and Implementing Rituals

4 pm



Drinks and goodbyes!

[R] = remote presentation

Challenging the privatised university

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Some scary frights, nuggets and treasures encountered at this event:


Through a Glass Darkly


Raewyn Connell’s piece for The Conversation (check the links also, especially this one).


Communiqué from an Absent Future


Brisbane Free University


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Challenging the Privatised University.

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Contested knowledge cultures: the university and the social organisation of academic culture.

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Judy-anne Osborn is a mathematician interested in education, employed as a researcher and lecturer at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Judy-anne did her undergraduate (first class hons) and PhD at the University of Melbourne, where she joined ARC Centre of Excellence “Mathematics and Statistics of Complex Systems”. Dr Osborn then joined the Mathematical Sciences Institute at ANU as a postdoctoral fellow, followed by a stint as a postdoctoral fellow at Newcastle in the University’s Priority Centre CARMA (Computer Assisted Research Mathematics and its Applications) before taking up her present position. Judy-anne has a long-term interest in the notion of mathematics as an exploratory game. This notion influences both her research in combinatorics and her teaching. Dr Osborn has had a number of publications in well-regarded mathematical journals as well as several teaching-related grants, including leading the Newcastle node of a current OLT grant to improve the training of mathematics teachers.

Brad Pitt’s zombie-attack movie “World War Z” may not seem like a natural jumping-off point for a discussion of mathematics or science, but in fact it was my review of that movie in “The Conversation” that led me here.

The Movies and Maths have something in common. Both enable a trait which seems to be more highly developed in humans than in any other species, with profound consequences: the desire and capacity to explore possibility-space.

The same mathematical models can let us playfully explore how an outbreak of zombie-ism might play out, or how an outbreak of an infectious disease like measles would spread, depending, in part, on what choices we make. Where a movie gives us deep insight into one possibility, mathematics enables us to explore, at all once, millions of scenarios, and see where the critical differences lie.

When: Tuesday 4 March 2014
Refreshments from 5.30 pm
Talk and live streaming from 6 pm – 7 pm (
Where: Shine Dome, Gordon Street, Canberra
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Cost: $6 entry fee
Contact: Bookings essential – Purchase tickets here
Further information please contact the Events Team.
Phone: 02 6201 9462
Fax: 02 6201 9494