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A hostile environment?

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A Prostitute, A Servant, and a Customer Service Representative: A Latina in Academia

Lessons from the Experiences of Women of Color Working in Academia


in Presumed Incompetent.



Confronting and Experiencing the White Academy cfp

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6 June 2017 (10am–4pm)
Cardiff University, UK

Keynote Speakers

Dr Kehinde Andrews
Dr Nicola Rollock
The introduction of the Race Equality Charter Mark caused universities across the UK to reflect upon their collusion in the reproduction of race inequality in higher education. In response, universities are attempting to find ways to tackle their own racist practices. But to what extent do the academic staff tasked with addressing these issues truly understand the deep-rooted nature of racism in the academy and the effects this has on ethnic minority students’ experiences of higher education? Universities must go beyond simple ‘speech acts’ as they promote their commitment to ‘diversity’. It is not enough to merely recognise the presence of Black and ethnic minority students. Meaningful solutions to historical yet pervasive issues of race equality can only be found once the problems at hand are truly understood.

This postgraduate event engages with these issues through unpacking the deeply embedded structures and practices within the institution of higher education which work to produce and maintain racial inequality. Keynote speakers will address these problematics whilst also reflecting on their own experiences as ‘successful’ academics of colour and offer advice for how students of colour can ‘survive’ in these institutions.

Call for Papers

We invite abstracts of no more than 250 words for papers from doctoral students which discuss experiences of either witnessing or being excluded from the academy due to race. We also welcome papers which discuss stories of survival and positive tales of inclusion within higher education. In addition we welcome papers from students conducting research in this area.

Abstract submission deadline: 30 March 2017

Abstract decisions: 15 April 2017


Submit your abstract.



An Open Letter

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I love my job and I can’t imagine doing anything else, but doing it here at the University of Chicago has been one of the most emotionally and physically damaging experiences of my life. I return every day to rooms in which I’ve been hurt to learn from people who look nothing like me and to teach people who look nothing like me about whole theoretical worlds in which I do not exist. I sit, shoulders tensed, in classrooms as each racist, sexist, and homophobic word from the mouths of my colleagues hits me like a blow to the chest. Some of them, I imagine, actually leave the classroom feeling full of life and intellectual energy. The structural violence of this institution makes it unlikely I will ever know how that feels. I don’t know how much stronger and braver I might feel if the professor were black, or latino, or gay. I don’t know how much more capable I would feel if I could see a world I recognized in the texts we read. And as I walk home every evening past countless University of Chicago police officers and my shoulders knot even tighter, I wonder if you realize that they don’t make everyone feel more safe.


Kaya Williams.

May 4th, 4.30-6.00

University of Leeds, Seminar Room, Beech Grove House

(Beech Grove House is building 33 on the University of Leeds campus map:


Prof. Mary Evans (LSE)

Dr. Sarah Amsler (University of Lincoln)

Dr. Maria Puig de la Bellacasa (University of Leicester)

Dr. Kate Hardy (University of Leeds)


Dr. Maria do Mar Pereira (University of Leeds)

This roundtable brings together feminist scholars from different disciplines and career stages to discuss the embodied and affective experience of academic labour at a time of intense (re)configurations of academic cultures and working practices. We are particularly interested in analysing the ‘toxic’ (Gill, 2010) and ‘careless’ (Lynch, 2010) aspects of those cultures and working practices, and their impact on our experiences of research and teaching, on individual and collective subjectivities, on our bodies and on practices of care (of/for ourselves, others and the community).

This initiative is co-hosted by the Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies (University of Leeds) and the European Network GenderAct (

The event is open and free, and no registration is required.

Before the public roundtable, we will also be hosting a small reading/discussion group with the speakers (from 2.00 ? 4.00). If you would like to attend this event (which is also free), you will need to register by emailing Maria do Mar Pereira at

We hope you can join us for what promises to be a lively and thought-provoking discussion!

The references are to this:

Gill R (2010) ‘Breaking the silence: The hidden injuries of the neoliberal university’. In: RyanFlood R and Gill R (eds.) Secrecy and Silence in the Research Process. London: Routledge,

and this

Lynch, K (2010) ‘Carelessness: A hidden doxa of higher education’. Arts and Humanities in Higher Education 9, no. 1: 54–67.

A Student’s Dream

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